Why we started: Part 1

The short answer is really simple: We just wanted amazing looking jigsaws to put on our walls.

The long answer we are looking forward to sharing over many many blog posts to come.

Though if we were forced to pick just one moment in time it would have to be when we completed Paul Summerfield’s Earth Stories Jigsaw Puzzle.

As you can see it is a stunner! But not only did it look amazing it was meaning filled item that had graced our walls. Puzzling is a fun and memorable activity we share as a couple. We had been following the artist’s journey for many years. And of course the skywhale was also very Canberra.

Once we had completed this puzzle we wondered what puzzle we should start next. Months and months of puzzling later we still were not satisfied as nothing scratched all the itches that Earth Stories had started. We asked Paul whether he would be making another puzzle. He mentioned he would be happy to put one of his artworks on Redbubble, but as a full time Artist he did not have the time and energy to go through the ordeal that was publishing his first jigsaw puzzle print. The thought of doing a poor quality print on demand puzzle also did not excite us, especially when other AJPA group members had quite negative reviews of Redbubble puzzles.

And then the Eureka moment struck! Why don’t we help Paul and other Canberra artists publish the puzzles that we wanted as puzzle lovers!

Looking forward to sharing more pieces of our origins story soon! But thank you for joining us and reading this Part 1.